Friday, 25 November 2011

GoPro head-cam training video

I managed to save up some mobility in my feet for a training camp with my club last weekend :)

Here's a video I made with the GoPro camera footage from one of the trainings. (It looks better if you change the resolution to 720p and play it bigger or full-screen).

My orienteering is nothing spectacular, but it's cool to see what I was doing again after the run - definitely a great analysis tool. I can see already by comparing to the other guys in my club that there's things I really need to improve on!

You can see the map from this one, and my other trainings from the weekend in my DOMA.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

New Sprint Video

Check out this cool preview for STB 2012.

More and more work is going into STB each year as it grows bigger and better. In 2012 we hope for the biggest turnout yet. Entry has been open less than a week and we already have entries from New Zealand, Australia and Finland.


PS. There will be be a blog post about my 2011 season some time. I think I will find some motivation for that when I'm not injured any more :)