Saturday, 27 December 2008

Winter Training

With the winter festives nearly over, training is starting to build up again. I am now being coached by Klavs Madsen. He was previously in the Danish team and was national coach for the Danish team for some years, and has a phd in sports science.
I have a strength training program. I am training twice a week with OGF, the Odense athletics club, doing intervals and tempo runs. At the moment I am also doing long runs in nearby forests and terrain, and doing hill intervals. In January, as hunting season will be finished, I will start technical training once or twice weekly with Odense OK. I will also Travel to Århus once a month for relay trainings with my international club Pan Århus.
I will have a big program of races next year which I am looking forward to! With relays like Tiomila and Jukkola, the World games in Taiwan, and world cup races around Europe. I will post my race program on here later on.
The map here is from a training I ran with Tue Lassen, danish team member, on one of the training maps close to his family home. He was nearly 5 minutes faster than me with a perfect run. I was fairly pleased with my run, considering I made some careless mistakes (as you can see). Tue is in really good shape at the moment. It should be good to train together in Oslo if our plans to move there in August still go ahead.

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