Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Flogged by Feebling Fever

After months of training in this ridiculously cold, wet weather, I finally got beaten down. I guess you could say I'm 'under the weather', but that doesn't really make sense. Being under the weather is what made me sick.. now I'm indoors wrapped up trying to get rid of this cold. So it would make more sense to say I'm feeling 'stuck under a roof'. Meh...
Training was going very well, but nothing lasts forever. I was sick all of last week, I skipped both of my interval sessions and just jogged instead. I was feeling better on Saturday so decided to do a long distance race on Sunday. The race went pretty well, apart from some silly mistakes. Running-wise it was fine, 2hrs 8min in heavy moor-land with no cramps is a satisfying run for me :) Unfortunately, despite being wrapped up in layers of thermals and with gloves the 2 hours in the cold wet seemed to get the best of me. Monday I felt worse than I had felt the whole previous week - rest day 1. Again I had to skip my intervals on tuesday - rest day 2. Today my throat is not sore and I feel less congested, I will try for an easy 60-90min jog and some strength training, depending on how I feel. It's very important not to overtrain myself, especially when the season hasn't even started. I'm disappointed that I won't be 100% for the training camp (Pan-pop tour) this weekend, but I should be back on track for my WRE in Spain in a couple of weeks. This is much more important. So it looks like this will be an easy week of eating healthily, relaxing and chomping down some of the health pills sent to me by my loving parents. :D

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