Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Vestjysk 2-dages

Whilst all the fast guys were strutting their stuff at the world cup races in Norway, I had a nice weekend with great weather in west Jylland :) The 2-day event was held on an inland dunes map near Holstebro. It was quite tough running. There is a lot of heather to push through and the ground is very sandy. So naturally I felt a bit tired, but I'm sure it was the same for everyone :)
The first day wasn't the greatest run for me. I made a few small mistakes and one huge 7minute mistake on the 17th control. I found it quite hard to make sense of the vegetation and contours.. I nearly went to the control in the beginning but came across some depression with no control there and I couldn't see any others on the map so I went on a small adventure. I came back from a different direction about 6mins later and found it straight away :) I came in 3rd place 1min 43sec behind and a little disappointed. I think that in a more important race with a bit higher conventration things might have gone a little differently, but who knows!
The second day was a little better. I made a lot of small mistakes around the controls but nothing too huge. My biggest mistake would have been the 17th where I didn't check my compass too well and ran too much to the right, then made a mistake near the control as well. It was a really hot day, especially with no protection out in open. I found myself dreaming about every drinks control. But it was all worth it to get to the finish and have a nice cold coke, and to win.
The results for both days are here (I ran 'Sort 10km'). The link for results on the second day doesn't seem to be working :S but maybe it will soon :)


Marek said...

Are these terrains suitable for mountainbike-orienteering?

Ross Morrison said...

Ummm... I'm no expert on MTB-O, But I guess it would be pretty tough, all the paths are very sandy.

Rudi Pedersen said...

Hi Ross

Very interesting reading to follow your tracks.
Can you help me to understand what kind of software you are using to move the tracks from the Garmin (or what you have) to the map
Thanks for your help

Rudi, Herning OK

Ross Morrison said...

Yeah, my watch is a garmin 405. It automatically sends my gps data to Garmin training center on my pc. Then I just export the gps data file from there and open that one and the map file (just as jpg) in a program called Quick Route, developed by Swedish Orienteer Mats Troeng. It's free to download, but I suggest you can make a donation as it is a pretty nice program that he is spending a lot of time developing :) You just have to adjust 2 points or more on the map and then you're done! enjoy :P

Val said...

as i write this i guess you are at the Opening Ceromony at the World Games...just want you to know il be sitting here tomorrow yelling, by myself....GO ROSS!!! Alll the best to you and the team....Mumsie.xxx

Mickos said...

All the best at the Games Ross! Enjoy every single minute of it, you're sure to have a great time and perform fantastically as per usual. We'll all be watching very keenly. Will tell all the Schools Champers tomorrow to watch you on Stratos Friday night etc. Good luck! Mick