Thursday, 12 July 2012

It's official! New Zealand is the best!!

Matt Ogden from New Zealand has just won the JWOC middle distance in Slovakia! - A prophecy has been fulfilled. This guy is the saviour of NZ orienteering! Everyone better watch out! - The new Gueorgiou!


Matt Ogden is an Engineering student at the University of Auckland, and is one of the most dedicated athletes in the history of NZ orienteering. His mind is non-stop orienteering, and that's what makes a champion!

Matt is known for his amazing skills in Catching Features where he is currently ranked 8th in the world (at the time of this posting), and also for his role in 2012 as a co-organiser of Sprint the Bay. Matt was initially selected for the NZ WOC 2012 team to run in the relay, but decided to focus on Oringen this year.

In 2013 Matt will be in his first year as a senior, and with the first world cup races in New Zealand, who knows what he can do with the home advantage! :D

Well done Matt!


Unknown said...

Being a setter for one of the events in the series for the World Cup events I can tell you we have some really awesome terrain that people won't have had experience with before :P

Unknown said...

Congrats to Matt from the Czech Republic! Keep it up.

Unknown said...

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