Sunday, 1 March 2009

Carnage Hill... worth the fun???

Carnage Hill (NZ's main tourist attraction) was the finish chute for a competition held in Woodhill forest in New Zealand in around 2004 (If I remember correctly). It is so named for all of the carnage seen that day... novice sandy face-plants... elite pile-ups... veteran barrel rolls... and a lot of geriatric gumbiness.
The organizers of the event so enjoyed the days' knee slappers that they organized a post race finish sprint competition (with Sport Ident) among the runners with the fastest finish splits from the day (I'm the one in the blue and yellow shirt)... I think it was won by our very own NZ team member Chris Forne... but I could be wrong, my memory is not the best... However, I don't have to remember the antics of that day, the bloopers are permanently burnt into my retinae.
Digging up this video got me to wondering... was making a crazy video for others really worth the relentless slaughtering of my body?? Could I put my knee problems of the last few years down to carnage hill??? Or perhaps from the other unnecessary sand dune jumping done for cheap thrills over the years??

Hmmmm... I think the pain is more likely from running over 100kms week after week. I'd prefer it was from that, rather than having to admit to myself that just for a few minutes of 'hang time' in my youth, my whimsical actions will have me shuffling round the M50 courses with a zimmer-frame while I watch my more conservative rivals lope on by.

... I reckon that when they get around to having WOC in NZ with the carnage hill finish I'll do it all again :)
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