Sunday, 1 March 2009

Orienteering Season Begins

Today was the first event in the 2009 Danish orienteering season. It was a B class event... whatever that means.. I think Danish championships are A class. The first thing I have to say is the map was very green - a lot of blackberry and other crap everywhere, even in the white areas. My run was not so great, I made some really retarded mistakes. On the way to the 2nd control I was going dead straight then I saw another runner that had started in-front of me and I thought he had already got the control. He sure fooled me :P I lost about a minute there. I wasn't able to catch him again until the 6th control. I ran pretty smoothly for the next half of the course. Physically I felt quite bad, probably from the tough week of training this week, but looking at my gps route I was running around 3min kms in the terrain at some points (where it was a bit open) and along the tracks. I lost time at numbers 15 and 16. I had some trouble making sense of the contours. At first I thought #15 was in a re-entrant. I'd say I lost 30seconds, but there was a lot of hesitating there, so maybe close to 1 minute. Number 17 was terrible, I didn't see the track on my right at first and thought I had to go straight. There was so much crap all the way from the control that I was going in every direction, then I realised my mistake and bailed to the track. I think my exit from #24 wasn't the greatest. It could have been faster to run straight down to the track, but even the light green on the map is pretty harsh so I'm not too sure. The last loop was fun. The forest was a bit more open than the rest of the course. I made a real hash of the last one. Again I misread the map. I thought that the control was on an earth-bank in a re-entrant, but it was up on the spur. I over-shot it by quite a bit and lost 80 seconds. In total I lost around 5mins. Hopefully I will be more focused on the more important upcoming races, 5mins is too much in an international event :)
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