Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Nord Jysk 2 Dages

I have mixed feelings about my performance this weekend. Physically my runs were very good. However, my orienteering was shockingly bad. The first day was at Tornby. It was a bit green in some places and had some intricate sand dune areas. The map looked a bit like Woodhill in New Zealand, but in person it was a different monster. I found the map very hard to understand out on the beach. There was alot of detail, but nothing looked like I expected it to. My plan was to take it easy and make no mistakes (save myself for the next day). I lasted about 5 controls. I made a small mistake at the 5th, then I was off running like crazy again. I was with a couple of guys that I had caught up. We made small mistakes on some controls where I wasn't reading my map enough. Somehow on the way to the 14th control I had let myself drop a little bit behind. I glanced at the leg and thought this is easy enough, just run straight to the track in the green. So I bolted after the 2 guys infront of me not caring to read my map. We ended up going way to far left and we got stuck in some green and I suddenly realised none of us knew where we were.  After eventually relocating, we had lost about 3mins. Again, I start running like crazy. The next 2 controls were fine but then I navigated to the 10th control on the wayy to the 17th. I saw it was the wrong number so I checked the next depressions. Then I saw those guys passing me again, but I was sure the control was back further. Eventually I clicked, swore heavily, and again started running like crazy. I made some small mistakes on the rest of the course but it wasn't too bad. I lost 8mins all together, so I was very surprised to see that I was in 2nd place. I guess everyone had just managed to make more mistakes than me.
Sunday was at Uggerby. It was even worse than the day before. I was fine on the way to #1 until I hit the vegetation boundary just before the contol. It was very distinct so I thought I had somehow run all the way to the track (I should know better by now, It's happened countless times since I've been in DK). I mucked around for a little bit and then clicked. I didn't let it get to me and ran well through the next part of the course. I lost some time at the 12th where I missed the small track going into the conrtol. I guess I was just running too fast. I mucked up the 13th. It was much greener than I expected, but I thought I was right going into the control. I should've taken the main track to the left, it would have been much safer. My hugest mistake was on #17. I decided to run hard along the beach and come up at the track. I came up at what I thought was the track and then proceeded to search for the control in the comletely wrong area. I climed a hill to work out where I was then I still lost time in the control circle. About 4mins all up, Jeeez. There were only some small mistakes in the rest of the course. All up I lost about 10mins. I can't remember the last time I made that many mistakes!
So, I am happy with my new speed in the terrain, but I thing that is my problem. I have to consciously tell myself when I need to slow down going into the controls. Also to not be distracted by other runners. I will work very hard on these things at my race this weekend then hopefully I will be more confident for spring cup next week! :P
PS. Sorry about the maps. I kept forgetting to start my watch, and our scanner isn't working so they're just photos :S

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